Evangelist Frances Kelley's schedule for Herritage Symposium (2024)


Church of God in Christ, Inc.
Director, Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Mrs. Kelley is a member Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ, where the Elder C. H. Mason Patterson, Sr., is pastor. A diligent helper to this ministry and many others, she has sponsored successful crusades leading many souls to Christ.

Sister Kelley is a former Sunday School Teacher and has appeared on numerous national television programs. She is the former co-host of a CBS affiliate morning talk show. The Minority Scholarship Fund of the Briarcrest Baptist School System was named in her honor.

Missionary Kelley received a standing ovation when she gave her testimony to some 52,000 people during a Billy Graham Crusade. Evangelist Kelley is in constant demand for women’s meetings, revivals, motivational seminars, schools and colleges as well as penal ministries.

Mrs. Kelley is a mother and grandmother. She is the author of the popular book, Better Than I Was. Mother Kelley’s only assessment of herself is that she was: “Just a sinner, saved by grace.”

My Moderators Sessions

Monday, September 8

8:00am CDT

Wednesday, September 10

8:00am CDT

Evangelist Frances Kelley's schedule for Herritage Symposium (2024)
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