Guide - [Updated 1/22/20] How to get every Talisman, and in what order (2024)

(last updated 12/5/2019 for the update that brought the wither artifact and piggy bank changes)

So, you aren't doing enough damage are you? Talismans can fix that! Using reforges you can make most weapons (even a wood sword) one shot the endermen just outside the gate, and one shot zealots with a Golem sword or better. In this (messy) guide I attempt to not only show you all the talismans in the game and how to get them, but also recommend the best order to get them in! NOTE: This is a difficult process and will likely take several weeks, no matter how you tackle it.

First of all, we need to talk about reforges. The rule for maximum damage is simple: aim for zealous or godly for common and uncommon talismans (they are the same at that rarity), strong for epic talismans (need to research this one), and itchy for the rest. This gives the most benefit out of any other configuration, giving a high critical chance, TONS of critical damage, and a LOT of strength.

A more conclusive reforge guide and calculator:

Oh ya, Hypixel made all talismans of the same line (Feather, Potion Affinity, Sea Creature, Healing, Zombie, Spider, etc...) no longer stack in effect or reforge, so don't bother having multiple talismans of the same "line" in your inventory at once! They just waste space.

One quick side note, as you do this try and have 1-3 redstone minions going at all times to get your collection up for a high level accessory pouch. Side note #2, a lot of these talisman require minions to generate the resources for them, and that means you need minion slots. Get all wood, mining, and farming minions to tier 5 to get lots of unique minions, and prioritize getting compactors early to maximize capacity. As a final quick side note, to get even more critical chance & damage, I would recommend godly on your armor, spicy on your sword, and rapid on your bow. With that out of the way, here is how you get them all, and my opinion which order you should collect them in.

Starting off, the talismans that can be obtained manually relatively easily:

  • Farming Talisman (unlock wheat collection 4, craft with 5 hay bales & 4 seeds)
  • Speed Talisman (unlock sugarcane collection 2, craft with 108 sugarcane)
  • All adventure shop talismans (use money from harvesting crops to buy these)
    • Zombie Talisman, Skeleton Talisman, Village Affinity Talisman, Mine Affinity Talisman, Intimidation Talisman, Scavenger Talisman
  • Vaccine Talisman (unlock potato collection 3, craft with 9 poisonous potato from the zombies found at the graveyard)
  • Talisman of Coins (unlock emerald collection 2, craft with 20 emeralds & 5 gold)
  • Magnetic Talisman (unlock emerald collection 3, craft w/ 128 emeralds & 32 redstone)
  • Wood Affinity Talisman (unlock oak wood collection 8, craft w/ 1 ench oak wood & 8 oak leaves)
  • Potion Affinity Talisman (unlock netherwart collection 3, craft w/ 128 Nether Wart & 1 chest), then upgrade to Potion Affinity Ring and Potion Affinity Artifact later
  • Melody's Hair (obtained through completing all harp songs @ Melody NPC in the Park)
  • Wolf Paw (obtained through completing the 2nd wood race @ Gustav NPC)
  • Frozen Chicken (complete the second checkpoint of the chicken race during the season of Jerry event)
  • Pig’s Foot (complete the end race, need AT LEAST a grappling hook (preferably that and AOTE), save all free silent pearls for the 48 second maximum time run which rewards the talisman)
  • Cake Bag (can be purchased at the baker during the new year's festival for 250,000 coins, each unique cake put inside it grants health)

Talisman more easily obtained from minions:

  • Feather Talisman (unlock feather collection 4, craft with 108 feathers), then update to Feather Ring and Feather Artifact later
  • Sea Creature Talisman (unlock sponge collection 4, craft with 18 sponges) (using a fish minion), then upgrade to Sea Creature Ring and Sea Creature Artifact later
  • Gravity Talisman (unlock obsidian collection 3, craft with 144 obsidian)
  • Fire Talisman (unlock blaze rod collection 5, craft with 9 enchanted blaze powder)
  • Lava Talisman (unlock magma cream collection 7, craft with 9 enchanted magma cream)
  • Piggy Bank (unlock raw porkchop collection 5, craft with 40 enchanted raw pork)
  • Farmer Orb (unlock pumpkin collection, craft w/ 8 ench pumpkin & 1 ench glowstone block)
  • Night Vision Charm (unlock mushroom collection 7, craft w/ 4 ench mushrooms each type)
  • Day Crystal (unlock quartz collection 7, craft with 1 ench quartz block & 4 ench quartz)
  • Night Crystal (unlock quartz collection 8, craft with 1 ench quartz block & 4 ench quartz)
  • Haste Ring (unlock cobblestone collection 8, craft with 256 enchanted cobblestone)
  • Experience Artifact (unlock lapis lazuli collection 9, craft with 9 enchanted lapis blocks)

Talisman from Slayer Quests (you can complete some of these earlier if you want, but for organization purposes I put it under the minion section. Also, the tier 5 and above recipes are EXTREMELY difficult to get without max level gear. It is best to get all the other talismans first):

  • Zombie Ring (unlock zombie level 2, craft with zombie talisman & 64 revenant flesh)
  • Red Claw Talisman (unlock wolf level 1, craft with an enchanted bone & 8 wolf teeth)
  • Spider Ring (unlock spider level 1, craft with spider talisman & 64 tarantula web)
  • Red Claw Ring (unlock wolf level 5, craft with Red Claw Talisman & 32 enchanted leather & 8 golden teeth)
  • Devour Ring (unlocked zombie level 5, craft with 39 revenant viscera & 8 enchanted raw salmon & 2 enchanted raw chicken)
  • Red Claw Artifact (unlock wolf level 5, craft with Red Claw Ring & 128 enchanted leather & 54 golden teeth & red claw egg)
  • Tarantula Talisman (unlock spider 6, drop from Tarantula Broodfather boss)
  • Survivor Cube (get automatically once unlocked spider level 7)
  • Spider Artifact (unlock spider level 7, craft with Spider Ring, 32 ench emerald & 32 Tarantula Silk)
  • Zombie Artifact (unlock zombie level 7, craft with zombie ring & 48 revenant viscera & 32 enchanted iron & 16 enchanted diamonds)
  • Hunter Talisman (unlock wolf level 7, craft with 64 golden teeth & 32 revenant flesh)
  • Hunter Ring (unlock wolf level 7, craft with 265 golden teeth & 1 grizzly bait)

Auction House Talismans. You can get them in other ways but I find it's faster to generate materials from diamond or clay minions & selling at NPCs then using the coin to buy these from the AH.

  • Healing Talisman & Ring (otherwise unlock lily pad collection 3, craft w/ 144 lily pads)
  • Bat Talisman (otherwise rare drop from bats, use roofed forest island to spawn them)
  • Spider Talisman (otherwise drop from brood mother boss, spawns once per hour at the top of the spiders den)
  • Wolf Talisman (rare drop from old wolf)
  • Wolf Ring (craft with Weak Wolf Catalyst [gotten through killing wolves in the spirit cave @ the Park] and wolf talisman)
  • Fishing Affinity Talisman (otherwise drop from the Water Hydra)
  • Ender Artifact (otherwise available from the dark auction)
  • Wither Artifact (otherwise available from the dark auction)
  • Bait Ring (lol but y tho) (near impossible to get without 17mil+ coins and the right timing in the AH) (otherwise unlock ink sack collection 8, craft with 288 enchanted ink sacs)(need to fish manually for ALL OF IT or buy ink in the AH)

UPDATE for the spooky update talismans. For maximum (non exploit) candy during the Spooky Festival, I would suggest getting to the point where you can 1 shot 9,000 health endermen (with potions) just outside the gate to the dragon's nest with an AOTE, then teleporting around and killing endermen. Alternatively, you can kill crypt ghouls, which are weaker but less common. You may buy the below talismans at the fear mongerer NPC just next to the bank in the main spawn with candy.

  • Candy Talisman (bought with 16 green candy)
  • Candy Ring (bought with candy talisman, 64 green candy)
  • Candy Artifact (bought with candy ring, 32 purple candy)
  • Bat Ring (bought with 1 bat talisman, 64 green candy)
  • Bat Artifact (bought with 1 bat ring, 64 purple candy)
  • Intimidation Ring (bought with intimidation talisman, 64 green candy)
  • Intimidation Artifact (bought with intimidation ring, 100 purple candy)

UPDATE for the Foraging Island (now called the Park) / 0.7.4 talismans. These 2 in particular can be obtained right at the start of a profile, and may be updated all the way until late / end game. Since the progression to maxing these talismans out ranges from mining a couple gold blocks all the way to spending 3 million coins on a suit I put them in their own section.

  • Ring of Love (obtained through the Julliette and Romero Quest. Guide here:
  • Campfire Initiative Badge (obtained through the fire quest @ Ryan NPC)

Some tips how to survive the campfire quest's higher levels:
- Use Regen VII+ potions
- Use Mana Flux orb
- Brew potion of True Resistance
- Buy True Resistance enchant book (one for 900K)
- Use healing wand
- Use Zombie Heart - very important!
- Use Mastiff set

UPDATE For the new Lucius NPC and how his mechanics relate to the dark auction. Prepare yourselves, it's a money sink.

  • Shady Ring (unlocked after 5 dark auction purchases, bought from Lucius NPC for 500k coins)
  • Crooked Artifact (unlocked after 10 dark auction purchases, bought from Lucius NPC for 2 million coins and shady Ring)
  • Seal of the Family (unlocked after 15 dark auction purchases, bought from Lucius NPC for ??? coins and crooked artifact)

Final Notes:

  • The Eternal Crystal is impossible to get, uncraftable.
  • If you want to try getting the Spider Talisman yourself, it spawns an hour after the previous boss was killed. After that time, the BroodMother spawns in the periodic "wave" of spiders that spawn every so often up on top of the spider's den.
Guide - [Updated 1/22/20] How to get every Talisman, and in what order (2024)
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