How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (2024)

TradingView is one of the most popular online charting and trading platforms used by millions of active traders and investors. This comprehensive guide examines TradingView's pricing, subscription plans and costs to help you choose the right option based on your needs and budget.

How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (1)

Overview of TradingView Plans

TradingView offers a free membership as well as three paid subscription plans - Pro, Pro+ and Premium. Each plan unlocks additional features, functionality and benefits.

Here is a brief overview of the main TradingView pricing plans:

  • Free - Limited features but provides core charting and analysis tools.
  • Pro - $14.95/month or $155.40/year. Upgrade for more indicators, alerts and customization.
  • Pro+ - $29.95/month or $299.40/year. Higher limits plus priority support.
  • Premium - $59.95/month or $599.40/year. Top tier plan with unlimited use.

TradingView also offers discounted annual pricing on paid plans as well as occasional seasonal sales and promotions. Let's examine the key details of each plan.

TradingView Free Plan

TradingView allows free membership access to all users. The free plan provides a surprising amount of powerful functionality including:

  • Interactive charting with drawing tools
  • 3 indicators per chart
  • 1 server-side alert
  • Limited community access
  • Basic stock screener with 3 filters
  • 1 week historical data
  • Maximum 3 saved chart layouts

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The free plan is an excellent way for casual traders, beginners and students to benefit from TradingView's world-class charting capabilities and community features without paying anything.

The main limitations are the restrictions on indicators, alerts, screeners and chart layouts. But overall, TradingView's free offering is very competitive compared to other platforms.

TradingView Pro Plan

The Pro plan is TradingView's starter paid subscription that removes limitations and ads from the free plan. Pro is priced at $14.95 per month when paying monthly or $155.40 per year.

Some of the key upgrades with Pro include:

  • 5 indicators per chart
  • 5 server-side alerts
  • Premarket/afterhours data
  • 1 month historical data
  • Public community profile
  • Advanced stock screener with 10 filters
  • Maximum 5 saved chart layouts
  • Ad removal

For active individual traders, the Pro plan unlocks deeper functionality while still being affordable. The increased alerts, historical data, custom indicators and community access make this a worthwhile upgrade.

TradingView Pro+ Plan

For power traders who need higher limits and priority support, the Pro+ plan provides expanded capabilities. Pro+ is priced at $29.95 per month or $299.40 annually.

Pro+ increases limits to:

  • 10 indicators per chart
  • 50 server-side alerts
  • 6 months historical data
  • Priority customer support
  • Advanced community profile
  • Maximum 25 saved chart layouts
  • All drawing tools unlocked

Pro+ also removes any ads and provides dark theme customization options. For professionals, institutions or anyone who requires robust tools and data access, Pro+ delivers excellent value.

TradingView Premium Plan

Premium is TradingView's top tier plan designed for dedicated professionals. It is priced at $59.95 per month or $599.40 if paying annually.

The main benefits of Premium include:

  • Unlimited indicators and alerts
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Unlimited saved chart layouts
  • Team collaboration features
  • Custom branding options
  • Private community access
  • Dedicated account manager
  • All platform features unlocked

Premium allows unlimited use of TradingView with no restrictions. Everything is included for portfolio managers, analysts, prop firms and hedge funds. Custom workspaces, branding and team workflows make Premium ideal for large organizations.

What is the Cheapest TradingView Plan?

How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (2)

The cheapest paid TradingView plan is Pro, which starts at $14.95 per month or $155.40 annually. However, TradingView does offer a free membership option with core functionality.

Here is a comparison of the lowest cost options:

  • Free - $0 per month but limited features and ads.
  • Pro Annual - $12.95 per month when paying annually. Provides deeper tools.

For most, the free plan is the cheapest way to access TradingView. But paying annually for Pro is the cheapest paid plan that removes limits.

Does TradingView Offer a Free Trial?

TradingView does not currently offer free trials of paid plans. However, the free membership allows you to test TradingView's core features before deciding to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Paid plans are also low cost enough that you can experiment with Pro or Pro+ for a month before committing to an annual subscription.

How Much are TradingView's Paid Plans?

Here is a breakdown of TradingView's paid subscription costs:


  • $14.95 per month
  • $155.40 per year


  • $29.95 per month
  • $299.40 per year


  • $59.95 per month
  • $599.40 per year

Discounted annual pricing provides savings of 15% to 20% compared to paying month-to-month. Premium has the highest monthly cost but unlocks unlimited use.

Does TradingView Offer Discounts?

Yes, TradingView provides the following ways to save on paid plans:

  • Annual pricing - Paying annually reduces the monthly cost by 15% to 20%
  • Seasonal sales - Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday sales offer 25% to 70% off annual plans
  • Referral program - Referring new users earns a $15 credit for each sign-up
  • Student pricing - Verified students get 15% off Plus and 20% off Premium

For maximum value, take advantage of annual pricing plus look for seasonal promotional discounts throughout the year.

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Is There a Minimum Balance for TradingView?

No, TradingView does not require any minimum account balance or deposit to use its platform. The only costs are the optional paid subscription plans.

You can use all of TradingView's powerful charting, analysis and community features for free with no balance requirements. Paid plans simply unlock additional functionality.

Can You Get TradingView Pro or Premium Free?

Some online brokers provide free access to upgraded TradingView plans by meeting certain conditions such as:

  • Making a minimum deposit or account balance
  • Hitting monthly trade volume requirements
  • Maintaining an active subscription to their service

How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (3)

For example, a broker may offer a free year of TradingView Pro if you deposit $5,000 into your trading account. Check with your broker to see if they offer any promotions for accessing TradingView.

Besides that, TradingView does not directly offer full subscriptions for free. The paid plans are reasonably priced and worthwhile for active traders who need the additional features.

Is the Paid Version of TradingView Worth It?

For casual users, TradingView's free plan will likely satisfy most needs. But for frequent traders who require real-time data, more indicators, unlimited alerts and greater customization, the paid plans are extremely beneficial.

Upgrading to Pro or Pro+ unlocks TradingView's full potential for in-depth market analysis and trade execution. The annual pricing is affordable for most active traders to gain such robust tools and functionality.

TradingView Cost Considerations

Here are a few other pricing factors to keep in mind:

  • Exchange fees for real-time data are not included in any plan and must be purchased separately.
  • Broker transaction fees and commissions from linked accounts also apply separately.
  • Custom indicators and strategies may have additional one-time or subscription costs.
  • Team subscriptions are priced per seat so multiply plan costs for each member.

Be sure to account for any incremental data, brokerage or other fees based on your usage. Discuss special pricing for teams or enterprises with TradingView's sales department.

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Is TradingView Worth the Cost?

For most traders, paying TradingView's affordable subscription fees is well worth it to access such powerful charting tools, market screening, idea sharing and trade execution capabilities.

Whether you simply want to remove ads, need more alerts or require unlimited professional use, TradingView's plans provide robust functionality at competitive pricing.

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The free membership still allows testing the platform before upgrading. But the improvements to workflow, real-time data and customization with paid plans make the costs justifiable for active trading and investing.

TradingView Pricing FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about TradingView pricing and plans:

Does TradingView have a desktop app?

Yes, TradingView offers desktop platforms for Windows and Mac. All features are available and pricing is the same.

Can you use TradingView on mobile for free?

Yes, TradingView has free iOS and Android mobile apps. Core features are available but advanced tools may require a paid plan.

What is TradingView's refund policy?

TradingView provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on paid plans.

How do I cancel my TradingView subscription?

You can cancel your paid TradingView subscription at any time from your account settings. There are no cancellation fees but your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing period.

How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (7)

Does TradingView offer custom plans for teams or businesses?

Yes, TradingView has business and enterprise pricing options. Contact their sales team to discuss customized plans and pricing for your organization.

Can I pay TradingView with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

No, TradingView currently only accepts payment via credit/debit card and PayPal. Cryptocurrencies are not supported directly but you can use a crypto debit card.

What is TradingView's cheapest paid plan for students?

Verified students can get 15% off TradingView's Plus plan, bringing the annual cost down to around $10 per month. This provides good educational value.

What extra costs does the Premium plan include?

The Premium plan unlocks the full TradingView experience with no limitations. There are no extra costs but you may incur data fees and broker commissions.

Is my TradingView subscription transferable to a new account?

No, TradingView subscriptions are tied to specific accounts and not transferable. You would need to purchase a new subscription under a different user account.

Can I get TradingView for free with a broker promotion?

Sometimes brokers offer free access to TradingView plans by meeting certain deposit or trade requirements. Check your broker's website for any TradingView promotions.

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Is TradingView worth paying for long term?

Yes, paying an annual TradingView subscription can save money versus monthly pricing and is worthwhile for frequent traders who will maximize the platform's capabilities.

How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options (2024)


How Much Does TradingView Cost? Pricing and Plan Options? ›

Free - Limited features but provides core charting and analysis tools. Pro - $14.95/month or $155.40/year. Upgrade for more indicators, alerts and customization. Pro+ - $29.95/month or $299.40/year.

Does TradingView have option prices? ›

Can I trade options on TradingView? TradingView doesn't natively support options charting, which can pose challenges for traders looking to analyze and trade options directly on the platform. If you want a broker built for options trading, consider signing up for a tastytrade account.

Is TradingView subscription worth it? ›

For active traders, TradingView premium can certainly be worth it. The key premium features like advanced alerts, more indicators, backtesting, enhanced analytics, and screeners give you an information edge in analyzing the markets and executing trades.

What is the monthly subscription for TradingView? ›

Pricing of TradingView

Essential: ₹1295/month/license. Plus: ₹2495/month/license. Premium: ₹4995/month/license.

What is TradingView basic plan? ›

TradingView's Basic plan, which is free, offers all the essential features like charting, various market data, and access to numerous indicators. The free plan also includes paper trading capabilities, allowing futures traders to test strategies without financial risk.

Does TradingView have a free option? ›

TradingView offers a free membership as well as three paid subscription plans - Pro, Pro+ and Premium. Each plan unlocks additional features, functionality and benefits. Here is a brief overview of the main TradingView pricing plans: Free - Limited features but provides core charting and analysis tools.

Can I trade options from TradingView? ›

Recently, a customer asked if they could trade options from TradingView signals like price alerts and strategy signals. The quick answer is yes!

What is the difference between TradingView Plus and Premium? ›

Plus: Intraday technical analysis for day traders looking to take things to the next level. Premium: Highest precision and maximum data to capture all possible opportunities.

Do professional traders use TradingView? ›

Professional traders visit forums like TradingView. They use these online spaces to talk about trading strategies, share ideas, and learn from others. On these platforms, traders of all levels, including experts, come together to chat and learn.

How to get TradingView premium for free? ›

You can get TradingView pro features for free if you sign up in Fyers broker. The Fyers trading panel is almost the copy-paste of the TradingView with all the premium features. If you are in Forex, you can sign up on FXCM and ask them for the premium features. There you will get 1-year premium for free.

What's better than TradingView? ›

Koyfin is the TradingView alternative. Koyfin's powerful financial analysis tools, customizable charts, and flexible pricing options make it a top choice for investors seeking an alternative to TradingView.

Which broker gives TradingView free? ›

In fact, Dhan is the only broker in India that allows you to place orders from the Trading Panel on TradingView. Follows the steps below to get started: - Open a Dhan Demat Account.

How do I pay my TradingView subscription? ›

On our website, we accept various payment methods. The most common one is bank cards. We accept payments made with credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, JCB, Maestro, UnionPay, Elo, Hiper, and Hipercard. In addition, users can pay with a PayPal account or Apple Pay.

Is TradingView better than thinkorswim? ›

TradingView is better for crypto trading. It has specific tools for crypto like Renko charts, crypto screener, and charting for thousands of crypto pairs. Thinkorswim mainly focuses on stocks, options and futures.

Is TradingView best for beginners? ›

Yes, TradingView is a versatile platform that allows users to perform technical analysis and execute trading strategies. Traders can analyze charts, use various technical indicators, and develop custom strategies using TradingView's scripting language called Pine Script.

Can you chart option prices? ›

Traders can monitor options prices in the same way as a stock chart. Options charts represent how certain options positions are trending. Traders can see the highs, lows, and the chop just as they would with a stock chart.

What is the option price indicator in TradingView? ›

Here's how it works: Starting from the current price, the indicator will draw horizontal lines spaced 10% apart. Now, whenever zooming in or out of the chart, traders can visually determine the level of price volatility more easily. ...

How do I buy options in TradingView paper trading? ›

Login to your TradingView account and open a chart for the instrument you want to paper trade e.g. AAPL stock. In the bottom pane, click on the account selector dropdown next to the broker logo. Select the “Paper Trading” option. A popup will appear, click on the “Enable” button.

Which chart is best for option trading? ›

Most traders stick to candlestick charts that look exactly like the name suggests. Check out the image below to know more. Candlestick charts operate on price and time. This means you'll see green candles when the price is going up and red candles when the price is going down in relation to a timeframe you've chosen.

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