Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (2024)

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (1)

This post is brought to you by Clerk Seraphine on behalf of the Hypixel SkyBlock Mayor's Coalition.

Greetings, citizens of Hypixel SkyBlock! We're proud to announce that the highly anticipated changes to Mayors are ready to go! This update comes with changes to a many perks that each mayor provides, ranging from brand new perks, additions to previous offerings, and more!

These changes are not limited to Mayor perks, however, as some changes are active regardless of whether a certain mayor is elected for the greater good of our world.

This update definitely has something for everyone! Let's dive right in.

Community Center Refurbishment
The Community Center's refurbishment is now complete! Mayors now have a dedicated area to stand at instead of loitering next to the Election Room. We've shuffled things around in the Community Center around to give the place a new look.


Well... almost everything. Elizabeth was too stubborn to move, so she is staying at the same location.

Many of you were also surprised that the clock on top of the Community Center actually worked. What's the point of a clock if it doesn't work?! We even hinted at this in the City Project!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (2)

Election System Changes

The first Election of Hypixel SkyBlock was in Year 88. In the real world, that's almost 4 years ago! We've gained and lost a few mayoral candidates here and there, but nothing much has changed to the mayor system overall. However, this is all about to change...

A New 4th Perk

The maximum amount of perks that a mayor can have is now 4. Many Mayors have gained an additional perk, while others have had their entire lineup of perks revamped! All of this is detailed further in the post.

Perk Rates

When a Mayor has 1 or 2 perks, they now have a 50% chance to gain an additional perk (increased from 45%).
When a Mayor has three perks, they have an 8% chance to gain an additional perk.

Minister System

Ministers are the runner up Candidates in an Election. Every Mayor will have a perk chosen as a Minister Perk at the beginning of every Election. If they become the Minister, this perk becomes active!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (3)

A Minister Perk will not be featured when a Special Mayor is elected as they prefer not to share the spotlight with anyone else.

Visibility of Election Votes

Due to popular demand, we are trialing a voting system where we alternate between showing and not showing the votes for the current Election.

There are merits to both showing and hiding an Election's votes. We are fine with players working together to find the best Mayor and Minister combination during each Election cycle, but can also see the charm in learning who is elected as Mayor when the Election ends and votes are hidden.

Please do let us know what you'd prefer!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (4)

Updated Mayor Perks


New Perk: Double Trouble​

For every 1% of Sea Creature Chance, gain 0.1% chance to double hook sea creatures (+0.1 Double Hook Chance).

Marina features a modest yet powerful new perk takes fishing yields to a whole new level while her perks are active.

Double Hook Chance has now also officially been incorporated as a stat, with Giant Fishing Rod and the Double Hook attribute been retconned to utilise the stat instead.

Individual Sea Creature Cap

An individual sea creature cap of 5 in the Crimson Isle and 20 in the Crystal Hollows has been instated in response to concerns that fishing in general (especially during Marina) is an awful experience with "barn fishers" hogging the Sea Creature Cap.

You're still welcome to barn fish on other islands where you're not impacting anyone else!

Lava Fishing Stat Changes

The Lava Sea Creatures in the Crimson Isle have mysteriously gotten weaker. This should be convenient for fishing enthusiasts.

Lava Sea CreatureHPDamage
Magma Slug1,000,000 500,0008,000 6,000
Baby Magma Slug200,000 100,0004,000 2,500
Moogma2,500,000 750,0009,000 7,000
Lava Leech3,000,000 1,000,00010,000 8,000
Pyroclastic Worm2,500,000 1,200,0009,000 8,000
Lava Flame3,000,000 1,500,00011,000 9,000
Fire Eel4,000,000 2,000,00012,000 9,500
Taurus5,000,000 3,000,00013,000 11,000

Advancements in Lava Fishing Rod productions has resulted in the following changes to their damage and strength. How did the Magma Rod end up weaker?

Lava Fishing RodDamageStrength
Starter Lava Rod50 10050
Magma Rod150150 120
Inferno Rod170 210170 150
Hellfire Rod180 270180


New Perk: Sharing is Caring​

You can have up to 3 EXP shared pets active at once. Your EXP Share rate is increased by 10%.

Diana now features a new perk that allows you to share Pet EXP to more pets at once, allowing you to level up your arsenal of pets faster!

The incorporation of this perk also comes with a rework to the EXP Sharing system and a favourites feature in your pets menu to pin your favourite pets.

EXP Sharing Rework

Rather than using the Exp Share item, you can simply use a menu to chose what Pet you want to EXP Share with. Your 'EXP Share rate' also goes up by 0.2% per Taming Level, up to a maximum of 12% at Taming LX.

By default, you will only have one "active" EXP Share Slot. When Diana is in office with her 'Sharing is Caring' perk, two more EXP Share Slots will also become enabled. Those slots will no longer provide EXP when Diana leaves office, but you can still add/remove pets from those slots - they're not stuck in there Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (5)

EXP Share Indicators

The three slots within the EXP Share menu have colorful indicators to help indicate your pet's current status within the EXP Share Slot.

If the glass pane indicator is green, your pet currently has less than the Pet EXP required for Lvl 100 at Legendary rarity and is actively gaining Pet EXP, meaning all is well!

If the glass pane indicator is Blue, your pet currently has more than the Pet EXP required for Lvl 100 at Legendary rarity. It's still actively gaining Pet EXP but won't be gaining any more pet levels.

If the glass pane indicator is Red, the slot is either inactive as there's currently not pet assigned, or the slot is disabled as the "Sharing is Caring" perk is not active.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (6)

What happened to the EXP Share item?

Instead of enabling the system as a whole, the EXP Share item now boosts the effectiveness of Pets receiving EXP Share by 15%. This item stacked with the 12% Exp Share rate from Taming LX means that you can reach a total of 27%, which is higher than the original items 25% (outside of Diana's 10% boost).

Favoriting Pets

We've taken the time to add some minor QoL to the Pets menu. With this feature, simply Shift + Left-Click to favorite a Pet. Favorited Pets show up at the front of your Pets menu so that you can access them easily.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (7)


New Perk: Blooming Business​

Garden Visitors will give out Fine Flour and appear more often. Additional visitors may visit your Garden.

Higher rarity Visitors are more likely to show up & will provide 10% more Copper.

New Perk: Pest Eradicator​

The duration of Pesthunter Phillip’s Farming Fortune bonus is now 60 minutes.

Pests are now 4x more likely to spawn in sprayed plots.

Finnegan has updated his perk offerings to keep up with the times. His first new Mayor perk revolves around a new obtainable item that Garden Visitors hand out whilst the

Blooming Business

perk is active. The other perk

Pest Eradicator

interacts with the Pest system which should make Pest drops much more accessible.

Farming Simulator

has been removed from Finnegan's roster of perks.

Fine Flour

While Blooming Business is active, Garden Visitors will reward you with Fine Flour for completing their requests in addition to their regular rewards.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (8)

The amount of Fine Flour a visitor gives out is dependent on their rarity:
UNCOMMON - 1 Fine Flour
RARE - 3 Fine Flour
LEGENDARY - 5 Fine Flour
MYTHIC - 10 Fine Flour

Four New Visitors

The winds of trade have attracted four new Visitors to your Garden. The Baker, the Vinyl Collector, the Pest Wrangler, and the Ravenous Rhino may now show up at your Barn when

Blooming Business

is in town!

These Garden Visitors generally offer a higher amount of Fine Flour than other Visitors relative to their rarity, with the exception of the Baker giving a bountiful Copper reward for trading in Fine Flour. Once you've served 50 unique Garden Visitors, the Ravenous Rhino has a chance to appear on your Garden featuring a guaranteed Dedication IV book!

New Pelt Shop Items

While we're at it with Finnegan changes, we've also added a couple new items to Talbot's Shop while the


perk is active:

  • Douce Pluie de Stinky Cheese Potion
    • Costs 40 Pelts
    • Grants a 20% Bonus Pest Chance increase.
    • This potion effect is not included in the God Potion!
  • Brown Bandana (Pet Item)
    • Costs 200 Pelts
    • Grants a 0.2% Bonus Pest Chance increase for each Pest Bestiary level you have.
  • Pest Vest (Cloak)
    • Costs 250 Pelts
    • Grants a 10% Bonus Pest Chance increase and decreases the time required to spawn a pest by 20%.


New Perk: Molten Forge​

Decreases the time it takes to forge items by 25%.

Updated Perk: Mining Fiesta​

Schedules 5 Mining Fiesta events that last for 7 SkyBlock days each. Earn 2x drops and extra unique loot, including Refined Minerals and Glossy Gemstones. Grants +75 ☯ Mining Wisdom during the event which is only active on Public Islands.

Cole's new perk should help alleviate the issues with Forge timers taking too long. More mining changes are coming soon to address forging time and other issues, but this perk should still be a welcome addition for those who frequent the Forge, especially with the need to forge keys to loot corpses in the Glacite Tunnels!

The Mining Fiesta event has also been split into 5 events lasting 7 SkyBlock days (2h 20m each), which will make it easier for more players to attend the event.

New Items

The Dwarven experts have recently perfected a few more forging and crafting recipes that conveniently require Refined Minerals and Glossy Gemstones, both items that can be obtained during the Mining Fiesta event.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (9)

  • Mithril Equipment (HOTM 2)
    • A simple equipment set geared towards players starting off their mining journey.
  • Titanium Equipment (HOTM 3)
    • A slightly more advanced equipment set for players who have gotten the hang of mining in the Dwarven Mines.
  • Gemstone Equipment (HOTM 5)
    • Handcrafted Gemstone-based equipment that's able to withstand the grit and grind of Gemstone mining.
  • Divan's Powder Coating (HOTM 7)
    • A powdered substance synthesized from Divan Fragments that can be applied to Drills and Armor of Divan (incl. equipment).
  • Gleaming Crystal Reforge Stone (HOTM 4)
    • Increases your mining efficiency (Mining Speed and Fortune) by harnessing the condensed power of gleaming crystals.
  • Glossy Mineral Armor (Crafting Recipe, upgrade to Mineral Armor)
  • Glossy Mineral Talisman (Crafting Recipe, upgrade to Mineral Talisman)


Updated Perk: Sweet Benevolence​

Increases your chances of dropping Candy and Gifts by +30% during the Spooky Festival and Season of Jerry.

New Perk: A Time for Giving​

Party Chests and Party Gifts can be obtained while this event is active.

New Event Perk: Chivalrous Carnival​

Schedules a Carnival in the Hub that is active throughout the entire year.

Take on fun activities to earn Tokens and exchange them for perks and special items!

Foxy wasn't happy with the lack of partying over the last few (hundred) years, so she's giving it her all this time round.

Foxy's whole schtick is events, so her perks revolve heavily around the various events we have in Hypixel SkyBlock. Her

A Time for Giving

perk allows players to obtain Party Chests and Party Gifts, which are souped up versions of Trick or Treat Chests and Winter Gifts. She even has her own flagship event in the form of a Carnival that's active when she has the

Chivalrous Carnival


To make room for more offerings, Foxy's Sweet Tooth and Benevolence perks have been merged into one named

Sweet Benevolence


Party Chests and Party Gifts

Foxy's A Time for Giving perk introduces two new items: Party Chests and Party Gifts. These items are only obtainable while the perk is active, and can drop some new items!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (10)

Party Chests
Party Chests are earned throughout the Spooky Festival, including the hour before and after the event. Party Chests outright replace Trick or Treat Chests, and they have a chance to drop Carnival-related items such as the Carnival Necklace & Belt!

Party Gifts
Party Gifts are earned by killing Winter Sea Creatures whilst on the Winter Island. Higher rarity Sea Creatures have a higher chance to drop one. Party Gifts also have a chance to drop Carnival-related items, such as the Carnival Globes and Cloak!

Buffed Loot
On top of the new rewards, Party Chests and Party Gifts also buff the existing loot found in Trick or Treat Chests and Red Gifts. What might've been 4 Ectoplasm in a Trick or Treat Chest might now be 6 Ectoplasm, for example.

⭐ Chivalrous Carnival

Foxy’s Chivalrous Carnival perk introduces a bunch of carnival games to the world of Hypixel SkyBlock!

We highly recommend enabling SkyBlock music while in the Carnival, @ShinkoNet made some incredible songs for this event!

Carnival Tickets

The Chivalrous Carnival has 3 games within it, each requiring 5 Carnival Tickets per play.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (11)

You can talk to the Carnival Leader every day to get 25 Carnival Tickets for free. Carnival Tickets can also be earned by participating in many of SkyBlock's calendar events such as the Spooky Festival, Fishing Festival, and Jacob's Farming Contests. You can obtain Carnival Tickets through events even when the perk isn't active!

Carnival Ticket Rates

  • Jacob's Farming Contest
    • Diamond Medal: 3 Carnival Tickets
    • Gold and Platinum Medals: 2 Carnival Tickets
    • Silver and Bronze Medals: 1 Carnival Ticket
  • Spooky Festival
    • Top 50: 50 Carnival Tickets
    • Emerald Bracket (5000 Points): 35 Carnival Tickets
    • Diamond Bracket (2000 Points): 25 Carnival Tickets
    • Gold Bracket (1750 Points): 20 Carnival Tickets
    • Iron Bracket (1500 Points): 15 Carnival Tickets
    • Stone Bracket (1000 Points): 10 Carnival Tickets
    • Wood Bracket (100 Points): 5 Carnival Tickets
  • Fishing Festival
    • 0.1% drop rate from Nurse Sharks: 1 Carnival Ticket
    • 0.15% drop rate from Blue Sharks: 1 Carnival Ticket
    • 0.25% drop rate from Tiger Sharks: 1 Carnival Ticket
    • 0.5%: Great White Shark: 1 Carnival Ticket
  • Party Chests
    • 20.83% from Party Chests

Carnival Games

There are 3 Carnival Games available at the Chivalrous Carnival that will be available for as long as the perk is active, minus 5 minutes before the Carnival ends as the workers wrap things up!

Fruit Digging

The goal is to earn as many points as possible by digging up fruit scattered around a 7x7 sandbox. There are 8 different fruits each with different points values, as follows:

Quantity of fruits per board is indicated in [brackets]

  • Mango [10] grants a flat 300 points.
  • Apple [8] grants 100 points for each Apple you've dug up to that point.
  • Watermelon [4] grants 100 base points and blows up an adjacent fruit for half the points value.
  • Pomegranate [4] grants a base 200 points and increases the points earned from your next dig by 1.5x.
  • Coconut [3] grants a base 200 points and prevents a bomb from exploding if you mine it during your next turn.
  • Cherry [2] grants a base 200 points. Digging up a second Cherry grants 500 points instead.
  • Durian [2] grants a base 800 points and decreases the points earned from your next dig by 0.5x.
  • Dragonfruit [1] grants a flat 1,200 points.

15 Bombs are also planted within the sandbox. You don't lose any score when mining them, but they will destroy nearby fruit.

The Carnival Pirateman seems to be storing a stash of Rum within the sandbox. There's 5 Rum buried within the sand in each game. Digging up Rum disables your ability to dowse for a turn.

Your Carnival Shovel is equipped with a dowsing functionality that comes in three modes: Mines, Anchor, and Treasure. Your dowsing ability automatically triggers after you mine a block as long as you didn't dig up Rum beforehand.

  • Mines tells you how many mines are adjacent to the block you've mined.
  • Anchor tells you the location of the lowest scoring fruit near the block you've mined.
  • Treasure tells you the highest scoring fruit that's near the block you've mined.

Catch a Fish

The objective of Catch a Fish is to... catch fish. Catch as many as possible before time runs out by hooking onto them and holding right-click to reel them in! There are different types of fish that give a different amounts of points, some are also harder to catch! Maintain your catch streak to experience a small points bonus per catch!

  • Red Fish have a 60% chance to spawn and award 50 points on catch.
  • Blue Fish have a 30% chance to spawn and award 100 points on catch.
  • Yellow Fish have a 10% chance to spawn and award 200 points on catch.
  • Gain 5 Bonus Points multiplied by your streak per catch, up to 50 bonus points per catch!

Zombie Shootout

Using your trusty

Carnival Dart Tube

, kill as many Zombies within the arena before the time runs out! Zombies wearing higher tier armor grant more points per kill, but move faster and are harder to hit. Zombies have a 10% chance of spawning as a Baby Zombie, which award double the points but run even faster.

  • Leather Zombies award 30 points on kill.
  • Iron Zombies award 50 points on kill.
  • Gold Zombies award 80 points on kill.
  • Diamond Zombies award 120 point on kill.
  • Redstone Lamps are stationed around the arena. Shoot them to earn 100 points and a 1.2x points boost for the next 6 seconds!

Scoring System and Carnival Tokens

Each of the three Carnival Games are scored in points. Earning 100 points gets you 1 Carnival Token. Carnival Tokens can be spent at the Mask Shop or the Event Shop, both found within the Carnival.

Carnival Shop

The Carnival Shop contains both the Mask Shop and the Event Shop, which exclusively use Carnival Tokens as currency!

Mask Shop​

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (12)

The Mask Shop sells a Carnival-exclusive item type - Carnival Masks! Each mask has an exclusive ability that's situationally useful, but they're mostly just masks you can wear to embrace the Carnival's festive spirit. Masks can be kept in your Carnival Mask Bag for storage and ease of access, granting you Intelligence for each stored Carnival Mask!

Event Shop​

The Event Shop sells perks for various SkyBlock events. These include perks for the Spooky Festival, Jerry's Workshop, Mining Fiesta, and Fishing Festival. Purchase them for permanent buffs!

Stats and Rewards

We are tracking stats for all of your Carnival Game attempts! You can talk to Chantelle to check out your cumulative and yearly stats for all of the Carnival Games.

Each time a Carnival is held, Chantelle offers refreshed objectives for players to complete. These give players significant rewards for your first few plays of each of the Carnival Games, resetting with each new Carnival.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (13)

Commemorative Items

If you've gotten at least 1,000 points in a Carnival Game, you will earn that game's commemorative item. These will make it easy to keep track of all of your high scores and positions from year to year. Once the Carnival ends, these are automatically sent to your Event Rewards Menu.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (14)


New Perk: Volume Trading​

Double the item quantity from Shen's Auction, Shen's Special, and Rift Shen's on the year Diaz is elected. Two additional Shen’s Special auctions will be available for the duration of Diaz being elected as Mayor.

New Event Perk: Stock Exchange​

Diaz is bringing more Stock of Stonks into circulation. Stock of Stonks can be obtained from the Stonks Auction and winning bids for items in the Dark Auction and Shen’s Auctions. Talk to Diaz while she’s elected with this perk to bid for Stock of Stonks and trade in your Stock of Stonks in for some cool new items!

New Perk: Long Term Investment

The elected Minister will appear in the next Election with all of their available perks.

As the worst-performing Mayor candidate, Diaz's current goal is to not come in last again. For starters, she's had her whole squad pull up at the Trade Center - a newly refurbished area located just behind the Bazaar that can also be accessed with the /warp stonks command, featuring a bevy of functions within the area. Stock Exchange's featured Stonks Auction and the functionality to increase the amount of coins into your Midas items are all located at this area.

Diaz is also putting her connections to good use. She's pulled a few strings to get a collaborative effort going with Shen's Auctions. Her connections are even cross-dimensional! As self-centred as Barry is, he took pity on Diaz's paltry election performance and has agreed to double the item quantity from Rift Shen's too.

Diaz no longer offers

Barrier Street

as a perk and has chosen to retain

Shopping Spree

as her last perk - who doesn't enjoy a good shopping spree?!

Moar Shen’s!

With this update, Shen's Auctions will be offered twice a year rather than just once.

Mayor Diaz's Volume Trading perk will do three things:

  • Double the number of Shen's Auctions yet again for that year (for a total of 4)
  • Double the number of items at all Shen's Auctions for that year
  • A new permanent item will be added to Shen's Special (if there are items available)

Friendly Disclaimer: Only Shen's Auctions that


during Diaz's term will have doubled items.

Stock of Stonks

Stock of Stonks were inadvertently dumped into this world by someone just before the Bazaar opened its doors. Diaz has seemingly repurposed the Stock of Stonks concept to perpetuate her own ambitions.

You can now trade in Stock of Stonks for the following new items:

  • Golden Fragment
    • Costs x3 Stock of Stonks
    • Use x8 Golden Fragments to upgrade one of the following:
      • Daedalus Axe
      • Midas' Sword
      • Midas Staff
  • Avaricious Chalice
    • Costs x50 Stock of Stonks
    • Use x1 Avaricious Chalice along with other items to upgrade the Emerald Ring to the Emerald Artifact
    • Use x2 Avaricious Chalice along with other items to upgrade the Crown of Greed into the Crown of Avarice
  • Freshly-Minted Coins
    • Costs x1 Stock of Stonks (capped at 5,000 global purchases every 4 hours)
    • Used in various amounts to obtain the following:
      • Scavenger Ring/Artifact
      • Ring/Artifact/Relic of Coins
  • Golden Bounty
    • Costs x20 Stock of Stonks
    • Allows you to upgrade Scavenger 5 on your weapon to Scavenger 6!

Obtaining Stock of Stonks

It wouldn't make sense to introduce a bunch of new items without a way to obtain them.

Stonks Auction​

You can access the Stonks Auction by talking to Richard at the trade center. These auctions are global, with one happening each SkyBlock month (every ~10 hours). The Top 100 bidders each receive 25 Stock of Stonks, followed by 15 Stock of Stonks for Top 500, 10 for Top 1,000, and so on.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (15)

Auction Bidding​

Winning an item at any of Shen's Auctions will additionally reward 10 Stock of Stonks.

Relic of Coins​

The Relic of Coins has a 1/40,444 chance of dropping a Stock of Stonks every 60 seconds.


Zarina is an NPC that allows you to increase the amount of coins you put in your Midas Sword and Midas Staff. This allows players to upgrade their existing Midas items with Golden Fragments then sink coins accordingly to make the item’s ability stronger. You can also find her at the Trade Center!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (16)

Other Mayor Changes


After some hard-fought negotiations with Derpy, we've got him to not shut down the auction house while he's in charge. He'll be settling for quadruple the taxes from Bazaar and Auction House transactions instead. Phew!


Jerry has reluctantly removed Diaz from his Perk-pocalypse rotation as the various financial services required for Diaz are on holiday while Jerry is mayor. As a result, the other perks will appear more frequently.

Future Plans

Primal Dragons

While playtesting this update on Alpha, we ran into many large scale performance issues. Unfortunately, we have shelved this update for the time being due to these issues.

Many Major and Miner Mining Changes

Since the Glacite Tunnels update back in March, we have been working to make several improvements to mining as a whole, in preparation for Part 2 of the Glacite Tunnels. This update includes many things, including a Crystal Nucleus RNG Meter, new Forge Slots, and new "Dwarven" Vanilla Ores in the Royal Mines (coal, iron, diamond, etc.)! This update is scheduled to hit Alpha soon for balancing and bug fixing.

Foraging and Hunting

Since the last Design thread, we’ve made significant progress on the Foraging updates. We’d be ready to launch it on alpha if not for some technical difficulties with the latest versions. Consequently, we still can’t provide a precise release date. We would like to explain our issues with latest versions further in the near future, should time allows.

On the bright side, this extra time allows us to further design and develop the Hunting update, which we would prefer to release alongside Foraging. We’ve reviewed all your feedback on Hunting and made several adjustments. We’re excited to share more details with you soon.

That's it, folks! We hope that you're as excited as we are with these changes. I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback regarding the update throughout the alpha testing process and hope you enjoyed your mementos. Special thanks to SkyBlock Nerds for helping conceptualize and balance a bunch of these perks.

Looking forward to see you at the community center soon!

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.3 - Better Mayors (2024)
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