Top 100 U.S. Property & Casualty Insurance Companies - Reinsurance News (2024)

ThisTop 100 U.S. Property & Casualty Insurance Companies directory is based on research data from rating agency A.M. Best.

Listing the top property and casualty insurance companies in the United States, this directory provides a simple way to analyse the top P&C insurance companies in the U.S.

The property and casualty insurance groups featured are ranked by net premiums written in 2022. You can sort the table by any of the headings and search it to analyse individual insurance companies.

RankingP/C insurance company name2022 Net premiums written (US $ 000)% change from previous year
1State Farm Group77,760,74411.6
2Berkshire Hathaway Ins73,561,832-2.1
3Progressive Ins Group51,077,6219.6
4Allstate Ins Group42,486,33210
5Liberty Mutual Ins Cos38,684,0187
6Travelers Group33,294,45011.7
7USAA Group26,188,9836.7
8Chubb INA Group23,869,80210
9Nationwide Group19,447,5563.3
10Farmers Ins Group17,498,3849.6
11American Family Insurance Group14,099,03611.4
12Hartford Ins Group13,742,1379.5
13American Intl Group (AIG)13,484,2042
14Fairfax Financial (USA) Group11,712,81912.5
15Auto-Owners Ins Group10,702,71210.9
16Tokio Marine US PC Group9,492,29015.9
17Munich-American Hldg Corp Cos9,193,679-6
18W. R. Berkley Ins Group9,091,05813.6
19Erie Ins Group8,729,0039.2
20CNA Ins Cos8,309,5298.8
21Everest Re US Group8,056,6194.1
22Cincinnati Ins Cos7,081,26712.5
23Markel Corp Group6,200,85118.6
24Zurich Finl Svcs NA Group5,792,07414.4
25Great Amer P&C Ins Grp5,788,01710.6
26Sompo Hldgs US Group5,609,26121.2
27The Hanover Ins Grp Prop & Cas Cos5,473,0279.8
28FM Global Group5,309,4800.7
29XL America Companies5,222,14467
30Auto Club Enterprises Ins Group4,980,3488.2
31CSAA Ins Group4,836,82116.5
32Kemper PC Companies4,515,879-7.3
33Swiss Reinsurance Group4,210,1092.4
34Arch Ins Group4,187,46420
35Allianz US P&C Ins Companies4,050,57022.9
36Mercury Gen Group3,940,2923.2
37Selective Ins Group3,573,58912
38Assurant P&C Group3,360,29310
39Sentry Ins Group3,220,62613
40QBE Americas Group3,174,6961
41AmTrust Group3,125,48915.1
42Old Republic Ins Group3,023,4309.8
43Auto Club Group2,745,2714.9
44COUNTRY Financial PC Group2,715,6321.7
45Citizens Property Ins Corporation2,625,25693.3
46PartnerRe US Group2,581,65312.8
47Starr Intl Group2,527,51418.4
48AXIS US Operations2,462,6658.1
49Amica Mutual Group2,324,0283.9
50Shelter Ins Cos2,253,36110.1
51AF Group2,249,0781.9
52Westfield Group2,239,61916.6
53Federated Mutual Group2,147,9949
54EMC Ins Cos2,121,7334.6
55Acuity, A Mutual Ins Co2,102,24411.3
56NJM Ins Group2,061,1567.3
57Core Specialty2,058,25640.1
58Amer Natl Prop & Cas Companies1,771,19111.7
59MAPFRE North America Group1,769,1315.5
60ICW Pool1,746,86925.1
61West Bend Mutual Ins Co1,730,32312.6
62Alfa Ins Group1,687,36816.7
63Southern Farm Bureau Cas Group1,644,0128.1
64Farm Bureau P&C Group1,642,3659.9
65TN Farmers Ins Cos1,610,1746.8
66Scor US Group1,605,915-29.6
67State Ins Fund WC Fund1,565,502-9.7
68Intact US Ins Group1,545,80612.1
69Utica Natl Ins Group1,453,32410.5
70IAT Ins Group1,446,1710
71Texas Farm Bureau Group1,433,11712.2
72Grange Ins Pool1,406,9572.4
73Argo Group1,309,8270.8
74Aspen US Ins Group1,285,96360.6
75SiriusPoint America Ins Group1,249,41786.9
76RLI Group1,241,53617.4
77KY Farm Bureau Group1,193,9838.9
78Doctors Co Ins Group1,188,0925.2
79NC Farm Bureau Ins Group1,180,83714
80CUMIS Ins Society Group1,167,4079.1
81State Compensation Ins Fund1,165,052-4.6
82Encova Mutual Ins Group1,157,6765.7
83RenaissanceRe US Group1,144,94910.4
84Universal Ins Hldgs Group1,123,7783.8
85TX Mutual Ins Co1,100,64915
86Church Mutual Ins Group1,055,96013.1
87Donegal Ins Group995,2953.5
88FCCI Ins Group980,7208.1
89Mortgage Guar Group960,644-0.9
90Radian Group959,8731.6
91United Fire & Cas Group942,1283.7
92Kinsale Ins Cos936,81041.9
93ProAssurance Group926,495-2.5
94Arbella Ins Group923,56010.7
95Palisades Group909,8690.6
96Secura Ins Cos904,08112.2
97Enact Mortgage Ins Group895,706-2
98James River Group855,350376
99Frankenmuth Ins Group841,8308.4
100Coaction Specialty Ins Group830,1915.3

Source: ©A.M.BestCompany, Inc. — used by permission.

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Top 100 U.S. Property & Casualty Insurance Companies - Reinsurance News (2024)
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